POPUP STORE in Seibu Shibuya

The apparel brand [THE SUGAR PUNCH] created by graphic designer "SUGAR" will hold its first POPUP STORE at the Seibu Shibuya store from July 11th (Tuesday) to July 17th (Monday), 2023.



THE SUGAR PUNCH is a ``creator platform'' that involves a variety of creators such as ``fashion, graphics, video, music, and art'' to rebuild a number of IP titles that manga nerd graphic designer ``SUGAR'' has fallen in love with. ” was born.

As the first collaboration, we announced collaboration items with three titles, "Ghost in the Shell," "Ultraman Series," and "Cyborg 009" in May, and have been rolling out mainly on the official website, AmiAmi, and NUBIAN.

Since the release of the 1st collection, we have received a great response from many people, and we have decided to hold THE SUGAR PUNCH's first POPUP STORE at the Seibu Shibuya store.

In addition to designing and directing numerous brands and select shops, [SUGAR] takes advantage of its unique knowledge of clothing and is particular about materials, patterns, sewing, processing, and printing methods, creating products that are rarely seen in ready-made products. This will be a valuable opportunity for you to actually see the finished items, so don't miss it.


Store opening period: July 11th (Tuesday) to July 17th (Monday)

Store location: Seibu Shibuya store B building 4th floor

Address: Seibu Shibuya Store Parking Building 1F, 21-1 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-8330

Business hours: 11:00 a.m. to 21:00 p.m. (according to store business hours)

Contact: B building 4th floor = Brokenge

Phone: 03 (3462) 3248 <Direct>

Seibu Shibuya store official website: https://www.sogo-seibu.jp/shibuya/topics/page/230628B4FesTheSugarPunch.html?cateid=12

◼️What is the designer [SUGAR]?

He specializes in designing high-end street and fashion clothing, and mainly works on graphics that utilize his diverse background, including street culture, music, and manga.

In addition to designing for numerous brands and select shops, he is also in charge of direction.

The design incorporates the impact and familiar graphic design of used clothing such as band T-shirts into manga and anime sources.

In addition, we utilize our knowledge of clothing to combine graphics with carefully selected materials, patterns, sewing, processing, printing methods, etc., and incorporate genres called subcultures into harmonious clothing, creating a synergistic effect. Creation We pursue the finest wardrobes that match modern styling.


Official website: https://sugar-punch.com/

Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/official_SugarP

Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/the_sugar_punch/

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